By Rupert Granville Glover  |  M.A. (Hons), LL.B. Hons (Cantuar)


The Poems


These translations of Old English poetry were first presented as the bones of a Master of Arts Honours thesis in English at the University of Canterbury in 1968. They are based mainly on texts found in Krapp and Dobbie's monumental collection entitled The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records, although I have referred constantly to other annotated editions of most of the poems, and have revised my translations considerably since 1968.

For their scholarly help in solving the inevitable problems of translation from Old English, I am very grateful to Robin Barrett, Nick Doane, and the late Harry Orsman, emphasising that any short-comings in my scholarship are entirely my own.

For their far-reaching encouragement of my study of things medieval, I wish to dedicate these verses to the memory of Charles Spear and Gordon Troup.

I am also very grateful to Nick Doane for his scholarly introduction, also written in 1968. Professor A. N. Doane taught at Victoria University of Wellington from 1965 to 1971. Since then he has been a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison specialising in Anglo-Saxon studies. He retired in 2006. He is the general editor of "Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile," an international project publishing complete facsimiles with new descriptions of all extant manuscripts containing any Old English writing.

Both the introduction and the translations are the intellectual property of their respective authors and, as such, are copyright; however I have no objection to the non-profit reproduction of my translations provided that the source is acknowledged and that I am notified by the user.

Rupert Glover

New Zealand

July 2011